About Us

You're not satisfied with average, you want to maximize your profile and are willing to invest in yourself. That's how I would describe you.

Something tells me that you want to have a more interesting love life. 

Perfect Tinder Pictures helps people capture their most attractive features, so they can play their best cards on any dating profile.

I used to swipe on Tinder and to be honest I couldn't complain. But every time there was a potential match that I was really excited for, it never happened.. I said to myself "If I only had some better pictures". Cause I knew I was a fun and cool guy. I wanted to do something about it and started taking pictures with friends and the people I met. They are great reminders of my holidays but they didn't improve my Tinder success.

I found out that certain aspects make a picture ideal for a dating profile. Once I started putting them into practice, my success skyrocketed. A few months later I quited Tinder because I got a girlfriend, but my passion for making pictures stayed. Together we decided to help others have a more satisfying love life.

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