Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I wear?

We want your personality to shine through, so wear clothes that represent who you are. You should bring a few of your most beloved outfits (3 to 5) to create variety in your look. Make sure your outfits contain different layers (shirt, sweater, jacket,..). Also think about accessories! This will guarantee a lot of possibilities.

What should I bring?

​Your outfits, water (to keep you hydrated), a hairbrush (in case you need to fix your hair).

How do I need to prepare myself?​

Make sure your hair looks nice and (if applicable) that you do your makeup. (Remember not to try out new things the day of the photo shoot.) You can exercise different poses and face expressions in front of the mirror. The most important thing is that you had a good night sleep!

Should I be nervous?​

No you shouldn't. Think of it as making a walk together with your best friend. And here and there we make some pictures. Don't worry if you aren't that photogenic, everyone has flattering and less flattering pictures. We are going to pick the best ones :)

Can I come with my friends/family?

It is great that you like to spend time with your friends and family but in this case we recommend you to come by yourself.

Where will the pictures be taken?

​Wherever you want actually. But we recommend to walk through the city and take pictures in interesting spots. If you have specific places in mind, please let us know.

How long will the photo shoot last?​

It will take about 60 to 90 minutes.​

Can we incorporate some of my cool hobbies?​

Yes ofcourse. We will discuss which outfits and attributes you should bring. Or if a specific location would be well suited.

What happens if it rains?

We prefer not do a photo shoot when it rains. It might ruin your hair and wet your clothes. Depending on the exact situation we will need to reschedule the photo shoot. We will make sure to contact you atleast one hour beforehand.

What if I am ill?​

It would be a bad idea to do a photo shoot when you are ill. Let us know as soon as possible, so we can reschedule the photo shoot.​

Are you able to remove imperfections from the pictures?​

Yes. We will retouch your pictures to perfection, while still retaining a natural look.

Do you retouch each picture one at a time?

Yes. Each picture is retouched seperately.

Are all pictures in color?

Most pictures will be in color. But we try to create atleast one picture in black & white to give your profile a unique touch.

When will I receive my pictures?

Within 24 hours after the photo shoot!

How will I receive the pictures?

We will send you a link where you can download the pictures.​

How many pictures will I receive?​

You will receive 5 pictures. These will be the very best pictures of the photoshoot.​

Will I be able to choose pictures?​

No you won't. After the photoshoot me and my partner will go over all pictures with our trained eyes and pick the onces. We want to make sure that you will have the highest succesrate on Tinder (and other dating profiles).

Who has the copy rights to the pictures?​

Perfect Tinder Pictures retains the copyright to all pictures. But you will be granted a license to reproduce the images for your personal use, or to give to family and friends. What you are not permitted to do is to enter the pictures into any competitions, or to sell them onto third parties such as stock libraries.

When and how do I pay?​

You pay on the day of the photo shoot before we start our session. We request you to pay in cash. Please bring the exact amount.

How does the 100% money back guarantee work?

​In the unlikely case that you are not 100% satisfied with the results, we will refund all your money. This is possible up until the point where you can preview the final pictures containing a watermark. Once you approve, we will send a download link containing the final pictures in high quality and without a watermark. At this point the 100% money back guarantee is not valid anymore.

In which countries is booking available?​

​We travel all the time. Here you can check where we will be in the coming weeks and months. If you have a specific request, please send us an email.

Where can I book?​

You can book on the homepage by clicking on the 'book now' button.​ Or just click here :)